AggieBuy Vendor Setup Instructions

In accordance with Texas state Law (TAC §202) and Texas A&M University System Policy, confidential information such as Social Security numbers or bank account information may not be sent via email. In order to prevent the unauthorized disclosure and provide for the secure upload of Vendor Setup Forms and other confidential data, a secure upload form is provided at Vendor Setup Document Upload Web Page. If you should have questions regarding the Vendor Document Upload Web Page, see the Vendor Setup Document Upload Instructions.

Supplier Only Document Upload Website – This link is for supplier’s ONLY to upload their documents (NON-Texas A&M University System Members). For all Texas A&M University System Members, please use the Vendor Setup Document Upload Web Page

After 05/25/2018, email submissions of confidential vendor setup information or other confidential data will no longer be accepted via email. TAMU IT has or will start blocking emails from being sent or received if the email contains an SSN. This will also eliminate the possibility that the request is not received.

  • As of January 01, 2019, we will require all domestic vendors to be paid via direct deposit.
    • Please be sure to have the vendors sign up for direct deposit using the Substitute W9 and Direct Deposit form available in the section below under For Domestic Vendors (US).
    • The domestic vendors who will not accept payment via direct deposit will need to request an exception via email at and provide a reason in the request for the exception.
    • If a vendor setup request is sent in after January 1, 2019 with no direct deposit information provided, the request for the setup will be returned to have the vendor provided one.

Domestic Vendors

  • W9 is required for most NEW domestic vendor types, see below:
    • Individual Payment/Reimbursement
    • Sole Proprietor
    • Partnership
    • Corporation
  • Vendor Information Sheet ( No W9 Required) is needed for the vendor types below:
    • Employee (UIN required)
    • Student (UIN required)
    • Prospective Employee (UIN/SSN if available)
    • Prospective Student (UIN/SSN if available)
    • Refund
  • If you do not have a UIN or an SSN, please indicate this in the NOTE section on the Vendor Information Sheet that you are just paying for a refund or prospective travel.
  • If the vendor provides their own W9, please fill out the Vendor Information Sheet & add an email for the company. If you are not placing an order with the company, please indicate this in the NOTE section of the Vendor Information Sheet.
  • If the vendor provides their own bank information on their own form, we will not be able to add this to the system. The vendor or individual will need to fill out the Substitute W9 & Direct Deposit Form or the State of Texas Direct Deposit Authorization form (email for this form).
  • ACH Changes or Additions – As of May 8, 2020, the vendor admin started verifying any account additions or changes due to the increase in fraudulent activity, see Texas A&M University System Regulation 01.03 . All vendor admins will send a generic email to the vendor/individual confirming that the account addition or change is valid. 
  • If the vendor will not provide an EIN and it is a 1099 reportable payment (i.e. $600 or greater for services or rentals) Texas A&M University Systems Agency’s will have to withhold 28% of the payment and remit to the IRS.
  • The link provided is a link to our Substitute Form W9 & Direct Deposit Form; however the official IRS W-9 form can also be used by the vendor and will not be rejected by our office.


  • Vendor Information Sheet
  • Employee Direct Deposit - If an employee would like to receive their individual or travel reimbursement(s) by direct deposit, they will need to log into Workday to add the additional option called expense payment election. The instructions for adding/changing or updating the bank information are at employee payment elections instructions .
  • Confidential Information – If the documents contain confidential information on them, such as a social security number or bank information, it is now required to load the documents using the Vendor Setup Document Upload Web Page . The Vendor Setup Document Upload Web Page is an encrypted, secure, confidential web page.  See the Vendor Setup Document Upload Instructions if additional information is needed.


For Foreign Vendors

Please note: Due to the IRS changes, that all foreign forms that are submitted will need to be on a 2021 form or later (date of the form is located on the top left of the first page).


  • Glacier General Information
    • Glacier is required for the following payment types:
    • All foreign individuals receiving any AP payment except for refunds or employee travel/purchase reimbursement. 
    • All foreign entities being paid a royalty or other form of service.
  • For any questions regarding the need for a Glacier record for an foreign individual or entity contact International AP Office via email

Foreign Form(s)

  • Please note, while a W8 Series form may be valid for vendor setup, it does not necessarily guarantee that the form will be appropriate for all invoice types in Aggie Buy. There may be additional questions on individual documents about new forms for the vendor, even if a new W8 was provided.
  • FMO Staff does not have legal authority to advise foreign vendors as to which W8 Series Form is most appropriate.
  • For any further questions that you may have about any W8 Series forms or Glacier setup, please contact International AP or .
  • Certificate of Foreign Status – Any vendor performing goods or services outside the U.S. – Can be used for Merchandise/Tangible products that are not taxable; books; chemicals etc.
  • W8-BEN For foreign individuals for any payment made through AP providing services inside or outside the US – Royalty payments, Software downloads, Maintenance & Repairs etc.  If the individual created a Glacier profile one of the forms, it would produce is a W-8 BEN.  If it is a foreign individual, please contact providing the individuals name and email address.  They will then send a Glacier invitation request to the foreign individual to complete their Glacier record. ( W8-BEN Instructions)
  • W8-BEN-E For foreign entities providing services inside or outside of the US or Foreign Entities who would like to claim a tax treaty benefits – for companies selling software, intellectual property, royalties, maintenance & repairs, and other services. (W8-BEN-E Instructions).  The W8-BEN-E is generally the form an entity will complete; however, some entities and/or individuals may need to complete the forms below.
  • W8-ECI – Foreign vendors that are a beneficial owner claiming that income is effectively connected with the conduct of trade or business with the U.S (other personal services). (W8-ECI Instructions)
  • W8-EXP – A foreign government, international organization, foreign central bank of issue, foreign tax-exempt organization, foreign private foundation or government of a U.S possession claiming the applicability of section(s) 115(2), 501©, 892, 895 or 1443(b) Note: these entities should use Form W8-ECI if they received effectively connected income & are not eligible to claim an exemption for chapter 3 or 4 purposes on For W8-EXP. (W8-EXP Instructions)
  • Visiting Scholars Form 5VS – This form is required for any international visitor coming to visit, guest lecture, collaborate, etc. at Texas A&M University.  This form will not be required if the individual is not coming into the United States to visit Texas A&M University.  If the vendor is being paid a fee, it will still be required that the visitor go through GLACIER to provide the required tax forms required by the IRS.
  • If the foreign entity will not provide or properly complete the required forms & if the payment is U.S sourced income (means in most instances performed within the U.S) & a 1042 reportable (services, rentals, software licenses, etc.) payment, the Texas A&M University System Members will have to withhold 30% of the payment & remit to the IRS.
  • While FMO is not allowed to provide tax advice to the foreign individual or entity, we can provide guidance to have the individual complete Glacier or share information to an entity so they can select the proper form.  For any questions regarding the appropriate foreign vendor form to use, please contact International AP Office via email

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