Where Do I Take the Deposit?

Deposits can be taken to a drop box or picked up by a courier service if your department already has a courier pick-up established. Please contact UAS Banking at (979) 458-4199 with any questions.

Using a drop box

  • Complete the drop box deposit log including:
    • Date delivered
    • Total of deposit in bag
    • Bag number
    • Signature of person bagging deposit
    • Time Key out/Key in (if using drop box location and sharing a key)
    • Signature of person delivering the deposit. This will show who logged the key out and in.

    Departments may create their own version of this form as long as it includes enough information to track the deposit from receipt to deposit.

  • Drop Box locations:
    • Main Campus – MSC foyer next to ATM machine
    • West Campus – Olsen Blvd in front of parking area 74, next to freestanding ATM machine
  • Drop box keys:
    • In order to have access to a drop box on West Campus or at the MSC, a key must be checked out from UAS Banking.
    • Please indicate the location in which you are requesting a key (MSC or West Campus). Each location requires a different key.
    • A key log will need to be signed out by the individual the key is issued to for inventory and responsibility purposes.
    • If a key is misplaced or lost, the department will be responsible for the cost of the replacement of the key.
    • The individual who has signed for the key should be the only person to handle the key. The only exception to that rule is if the department keeps a departmental log showing the transfer of possession of the key, even for daily use. This log must be available for inspection at any time.
  • Pick-up times:
    • The pick-up times are Monday through Friday.
  • Deliver:

Using a courier service

  • Complete the 3-part manifest form (provided by courier service). Include the following on the form:
    • Received from: Department name
    • Delivery to: Wells Fargo
    • Date deposit slip
    • Prepared by
    • Under "Full Value Must Be Declared" list:
      • Each bag number
      • Amount of the deposit amounts in the corresponding numbered bag
      • Fill in "No. of items/bags" and "Total Value" with totals
      • Sign (person bagging the deposit)

When the courier service picks up the bag, the courier service representative will verify the manifest amount and bag number to each bag and sign the manifest. The courier will take the original and one copy, leaving one for the department's records.