Bank Deposit Slips and Bags

Where do I get more bank deposit slips or bank bags?

Financial Management Operations and University Accounting Services located at the General Services Complex (GSC) Suite 3101 provides pre-numbered 3-part deposit slips and plastic tamper-resistant deposit bags for the bank deposit for our shared services members (01TAMUS, 02TAMU, 10TAMUG, 23TAMHSC, 26TAMUSSSC, 30TDEM).

The first 3 digits of the deposit slip is a location number and will identify the department to FMO, UAS, and Wells Fargo. The last 4 digits is a sequential deposit number.

All bank deposit slips and tamper-resistant bags must be ordered through the FMO/UAS.

To request more deposit slips and/or bags, send an email to Please provide your location number, mail stop, and contact information.

Please allow 3 business days, not including mail delivery times, to process these requests. Items will be sent through Mail Services to the mail stop provided unless specified otherwise.

Financial Management Operations and University Accounting Services are open Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.