Cash Handling Regulations

Please review the full regulation for details. Below is a listing of some requirements.

  • Must have written cash handling procedures that are followed and reviewed.
  • Must give official receipts or cash register entries for all transactions where funds are exchanged person to person.
  • Must keep funds secure.
    • Vault access should be limited.
    • Custody of keys and combinations must be kept on person.
    • Combinations should be changed periodically and always when turnover occurs.
    • Cash amounts over $5,000.00 must be accompanied by a security guard when in transport.
      • Contact the Cashier Office at (979) 862-5762 to schedule a pick up by the courier service.
  • Must keep and reconcile cash logs tracking the transfer of funds.
  • Must deposit funds daily.
    • Amounts over $500.00 must be made daily.
    • Amounts under $500.00 must be made within three business days regardless of amount.
    • Checks must be endorsed FOR DEPOSIT ONLY immediately upon receipt
      • Ensures funds received by check are protected from fraudulent endorsement or theft
      • Must be typed, rubber stamped, or hand printed in ink
      • Must include name or agency code of depositing agency (TAMUS, TAMU, TAMUG, etc)
      • Must include the department name or code (Animal Science or ANSC)
      • Must include the FAMIS account number being credited
                                 FOR DEPOSIT ONLY
                                Texas A&M University
                                 Department Name &
                              FAMIS Acct. No. xxxxxx                                 
    • Funds must be reconciled.
  • Must ensure that proper segregation of duties is performed during the preparation of the deposit. In no instance should a person receipting and preparing the deposit also be responsible for reconciling the accounts.