Tax Compliance & Reporting serves as the central department for managing tax matters as they relate to payments made to individuals whether they are employees, vendors or students.

 Our objective is to provide tax planning, tax compliance and tax reporting for Employment taxes, International tax, Unrelated Business Income tax and Retirement programs for Tax for Texas A&M University.  

 Our services:

  • Furnish tax statements such as W-2, 1042-S, 1098-T and 1099.
  • Prepare quarterly tax reports such as Form 941 and state/local income tax withholding for states other than Texas.
  • Provide guidance on nonresident alien tax issues.
  • Process payroll correction requests from TAMU departments such as transfers between funds, check cancellations, refunds etc.
  • Assist employees with Teacher Retirement System (TRS), Optional Retirement Program (ORP), Tax Deferred Annuities (TDA) and DCP matters.
  • Prepare and furnish reports to the Teacher Retirement System.
  • Serve as subject matter experts for individuals, departments and other institutions of higher educations concerning tax and retirement issues.
  • Provide technical assistance to BPP programmers with programming matters due to tax law changes.