Gifts / Donations / Endowments

Gifts / Donations / Endowments

A gift is cash, items, or property (including support which may be termed "grants" or "sponsorships" by some donors) from private sources, given voluntarily, and without expectation of specific benefit or tangible compensation. Gifts are usually received for the purpose of a program for public good, scholarship funds, equipment for research, and for other educational purposes.

ALL GIFTS received by Texas A&M University should be directed immediately to Texas A&M Foundation. Gifts should not be sent to the TAMU Cashier's office for deposit.

The Texas A&M Foundation is the University's agent in soliciting, managing, and acknowledging private gifts. Please see Foundation Guidelines for more information.

A 5% fee is charged to gifts. 80% of the fee is used for Texas A&M Foundation staffing and operations, and 20% of the fee is returned to the University to support college development activities. Exceptions to the fee include state matching funds for university programs, non-endowed scholarship gifts, and gifts in kind. See System Policy 60.03.


Funds may be endowed by donor request or by the Board of Regents (quasi-endowment).  Minimum amount for an endowment is $25,000.

For donor-requested endowments, contact Martha Weeks at 845-8106 for information needed to establish endowment.

For quasi-endowments, see information at Quasi-Endowment Process.