Financial Reporting

The Financial Reporting unit of Financial Management Operations is responsible for the Annual Financial Report (AFR) and other financial reporting for the University, including the Year End Close Out Process. New Accounts, Account Maintenance and Signature Cards are also handled in the Financial Reporting unit. An additional responsibility is Gift & Endowment processing and reporting. The primary contact for each responsibility is listed on our contact list, however, anyone on our team will be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have.

Account / FD860 Setup & Maintenance – We perform new account setup, account maintenance and process FD860 Departmental Setup and Maintenance in FAMIS. As it pertains to new account setup and maintenance, we strive to process complete and accurate submissions within 4 business days.

Annual Financial Reporting & Year-End Close-Out – We are responsible for the Annual Financial Report (AFR) and other financial reporting for Texas A&M University, Texas A&M at Galveston, Texas A&M System Offices, Texas A&M Sponsored Research Services, and Texas A&M Technology Commercialization.  During this process, we work closely with various individuals throughout the university and across various affiliated organizations.  We set AFR-related deadlines, which are important to ensure our AFR is complete and System deadlines for AFR submission are met.

Gifts & Endowments – We provide internal financial reporting at the request of the department and external financial reporting at the request of the donor. We work closely with System Treasury Services concerning the System Endowment Fund and the Cash Concentration Pool. We also work closely with the System Office of General Counsel concerning bequests and trusts, and with the Texas A&M Foundation concerning gifts, donations, and transfers.