Processing Sales Tax in iPayments

How do I process Sales Tax in iPayments?

iPayment transactions involving taxable codes are automatically programmed to calculate sales tax. When entering the amount of the item, be sure to exclude the sales tax. 


A department sells shirts for $20.00 including sales tax. The entry made in iPayments will need to be $18.48. The sales tax of $1.52 will automatically calculate for a total of $20.00. 

In some cases, the sale of an item including sales tax does not round to an even number. Items sold for $25.00 including sales tax calculate to $23.09 when sales tax is removed, but the tax calculated is $1.90. This adds up to $24.99 creating an extra $.01. 

In order to make adjustments for this, Sales & Receivables can add a Sales Tax Adjustment transaction to the account. Please contact Sales & Receivables to request this transaction.