Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reverse a DBR?

Famis: Create a new DBR on Screen 520 with justification code CN. The accounts, pools, and amounts must be the same as the original DBR being reversed. Add the original DBR document U# in the Ref 4 field by selecting PF7 on Screen 520. Also, reference this U# in the summary, and add notes with the reason for the reversal.

Canopy: Go to the FRS tab in Canopy and select DBR/Create a DBR. Reverse the information from the DBR that you are correcting. Also, Click on the U number at DBR Document. Where you see Dept Ref: enter the DBR number that you are correcting. Also, put it in the notes with the reason for the correction.

How do I reopen a DBR for revision?

Famis: If the DBR is in your inbox for revision, enter the document U# on Screen 520. Select PF10 to reopen the document. All fields should highlight.

Canopy: The DBR must be in your inbox. Open the DBR and select the U number next to the DBR Document field. Go to Routing Action and select open for revision. Make your changes, close and route the DBR.

Can a 24xxxx account transfer to a 65xxxx account?
No. 24xxxx accounts can only transfer to/from another 24xxxx account. See the Transfer Guidelines. See Screen 528 for list of accounts compatibility.
My account has generated revenue in excess of my budget. How do I move that to my expense pool for spending?

Famis: Create a DBR with justification code OI: Over-realized income. The source account should be the SL account and 0001 Revenue pool. The destination account is the same SL account and an expense pool (i.e. 1000). The Summary or Notes should have the reason for the transfer of the revenue to the expense pool. Check Screen 19 or 34 to see the amount available to transfer from the revenue pool (0001.)

Canopy: Select the FRS tab and then the DBR/Create DBR option. The source account should be from the revenue pool (0001) and the destination should be to an expense pool (1000, 1005, 94XX). The justification code will be OI. Put the reason for the transfer in the notes.

When I try to create a DBR, I get an error “Update not permitted by entity security.” What do I do?
If you do not have FAMIS access to create DBRs with that source account, contact FAMIS Training and Security to check your access and obtain the necessary authorizations.
When I try to create a DBR I get the error “No record found on Access Table allowing this transfer.” What does that mean?
The Access Table controls the business rules that govern allowed transfers within DBRs. Please check the Transfer Guidelines to determine if the accounts you are using can transfer to each other. See Screen 528 for list of accounts compatibility.
What accounts can I transfer my 29xxxx funds to?
29xxxx accounts can only transfer to other 29xxxx accounts. Please see the Transfer Guidelines. See Screen 528 for list of accounts compatibility.
I need to transfer from 2 different accounts to the same account. Can I do this with one DBR?
No, only one source account is allowed per DBR, although up to 10 destinations are allowed. You must create a separate DBR for each source account.
What is the difference between PF8: Close and PF9: Route on Screen 520?
PF8 and PF9 can be used separately or together. PF8 will close the document and ask if you want to route the document as well. PF9 will ask if you want to close the document and will route it, if already closed. If your document will close with PF8, but not route, try entering a capital Y when asked if you want to route the document.
How can I find the document U# for my DBR?
Go to Screen 521, DBR Inquiry. Enter either the account number or the department. You can enter “S” for source or “D” for destination for the account. This will display all the DBR’s to date which meet the search criteria. The document number is displayed under the Doc column. PF11 will move the screen to the right to see the Description, from the summary.
My DBR hasn’t processed yet. Where is it?
Enter the full document number on Screen 914, Document Routing History, to see the current desk your DBR is on for approval. The full document number will be DBR02U7xxxxx. If nothing appears, then you have not routed your document. Go back to Screen 520 and route the document.
My DBR was rejected. Where do I see the notes on why it was rejected?

Famis: Select the DBR document on Screen 910, Document In-box. Select PF9, Routing Notes to see the reason for the rejection. Proceed to Screen 520 to reopen and revise the DBR.

Canopy: The rejected DBR will be in your inbox for you to open, review and revise for re-routing.

I added notes to a rejected DBR, but I can’t see them on Screen 520. Where did they go?
Adding notes to the Routing Notes while viewing a rejected DBR in your inbox will not add notes to the DBR document. Only those people on the routing path will be able to see the Routing notes. Reopen the DBR on Screen 520, select PF5 Notes, and add document notes here.
Do I have to add Notes to my DBR?
Notes are required for some justification codes (OT, CN, and PR) and the system will not allow the document to close without the notes. For the remaining codes, notes are only required if the summary line has insufficient space to completely identify and explain the purpose of the transfer. It is always best to enter a reason for the transfer in the notes to avoid delays processing.
How do I get a copy of the completed DBR?
An FYI recipient may be added by the creator at any time prior to final completion of the DBR. After completion, view the DBR on Screen 520. The DBR may also be viewed in Canopy.
I’ve routed my DBR, but I need to add information to it. How do I recall the DBR?

Famis: If the DBR has not been processed by the next desk in the route, you may go to Screen 912, Document Out-Box., and select the DBR. Enter “REC” on the action line to recall the document. You will have to add a reason for the recall. The document will now be recalled to your inbox. You may reopen the DBR on Screen 520.

Canopy: If the document is still in-route, you can select an action to recall the DBR and make your revisions.

Where can I see a list of the Justification Codes?
On screen 520, place the cursor in the JC field and select PF2 for a pop-up screen of the Justification Codes. Also, see the Justification Codes page for a complete list of codes, definitions, and required information.
How do I get FAMIS access to create DBRs?
You will need to submit a memorandum to FAMIS Training and Security. requesting appropriate access.
When I try to create a DBR I get the error “Transactions against the support accounts not allowed.” What do I do?
Email Ketra Williams, in New Accounts, with a request to change the support account flag to allow transactions.
I submitted a DBR at the end of the fiscal year which never posted. What happened to it?
DBRs are only valid for the current fiscal year. When the new fiscal year becomes the default open year, all prior year DBRs are automatically cancelled. The DBR will need to be created in the new fiscal year and resubmitted.
How do I “rush” my DBR?
On Screen 520, enter “RUSH” as the first word on the Summary line.
Can I create DBRs in Canopy?
Yes. Go to the FRS tab and select DBR/Create DBR. Enter “New” and proceed with entering the requested information
Why didn’t I get an FYI notification?
After a DBR’s final approval and posting, the DBR creator will get an FYI notification. Destination accounts do not automatically receive notification. FYI for each destination account must be added by the Creator and will be sent following final approval and posting to the recipients FAMIS In-box.
Does a DBR encumber funds?
No, creation of a DBR does not encumber any funds. The budget funds transfer after final approval at the processing office level.
How do I create a DBR?
See How to create a DBR in FAMIS & Canopy for step by step instructions.