Departmental Correction Request Procedures

The Departmental Correction Request (DCR) Module is a web based module that allows users the ability to initiate corrections for vouchers and journal entry transactions in FAMIS.

Benefits of using the DCR module include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Departmental Electronic Approvals
  • Automatic posting to FAMIS upon Approval
  • Security and account access controls
  • Business Rules set to prevent unallowable changes to accounts
  • FYI notifications to recipients
  • Departmental Data Entry

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I process a DCR?

Departmental Correction Requests should be submitted when expenditures need to be corrected for accounts or object codes.

Support account corrections should still be processed on FAMIS screen 056.

What transactions are allowed on a DCR?
  • Journal entries and IDT expenditure transactions posted May 2009 to current date.
  • Vouchers corrections that are local to local with a ‘Paid’ or ‘Recon’ status
How do I log in to the DCR Module?
The DCR module is accessed through Canopy.
How do I get access?
Everyone that has access to create documents in FAMIS has access to create DCR documents.
Are there any restrictions?
  • Revenue codes, payroll codes, and interest code 6230 cannot be changed through the DCR module. To make these types of changes, please view Correction Services
  • DCRs cannot be processed for future fiscal years.
  • Vendor, Bank, and Reference 4 fields cannot be changed
  • Only allowed to have 3 open DCRs for each voucher
  • Only allowed to route 1 active DCR at a time
Who can initiate DCR?
Anyone who has access to create an on-line document has the ability to create a DCR. Usually the department that is carrying the expense for voucher transactions will initiate the correcting document.
How can I tell if a DCR has been created?
If you have successfully created a DCR document the system will give you a message that the document has been created and will give you a “J” reference number.
How do I cancel a DCR?
If the DCR document has not been approved by FMO, the department can recall the document, click on the document number and select to cancel the document. Once the document has been cancelled the process cannot be reversed.
How do I do an inquiry on a DCR?
In Canopy- click on FRS>DCR>DCR Search. In the box for ‘Document ID’ enter in the ‘J’ number and click ‘search’. It should bring up results with the ‘J’ number. Click on the ‘J’ number showing on the left hand side of the results information. This will take you to the ‘Departmental Correction Request Header’. Click on the ‘Route Document’ number which should look like ‘DCR02J######’. This will show you the document history and current location.
Why am I not seeing the ‘select’ option to create a DCR on a transaction?
This usually will occur then the transaction took place prior to May 2009. Any corrections for transactions prior to May 2009 will need to be submitted to the Corrections area in FMO.
Why is a transaction that took place last month not showing when I do a search to create a DCR?
Change your search criteria to be “September through current month”. Depending upon when the transaction fed to FAMIS it is possible it was between the end of the following month and the beginning of the next month.
I need to change the account on a local voucher to a state account. Can this be done?
At this time departments cannot do corrections involving state funds for voucher expenses.
Can an IDT expense be changed from a local account to a state account?
In most cases, yes, you can do a DCR to change expenses between local and state accounts.