E-Commerce  – Texas A&M facilitates the ability for departments to accept credit cards as a form of payment. FMO is responsible for establishing new merchant accounts and representing the department to the university's card processor. Procedures for establishing and maintaining a credit card merchant account are established in SAP 21.01.02.M0.03 Credit Card Collections. FMO also provides supplemental information to the above SAP on the Credit Card Procedures and Policies page. To begin the setup process for accepting credit cards in person or over the phone, contact Patti Ponzio at (979) 845-5209

Texas A&M University provides units and departments with two methods of transacting online payments through a secure web payment gateway. All University departments conducting online payments are required to use either Aggie-Pay or Texas A&M Marketplace, unless an exception to this requirement granted in accordance with SAP 21.01.02.M0.01. To begin the setup process for conducting online transactions, contact Preston DuBose at (979) 845-8118.


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Contact Preston DuBose at (979) 845-8118 for credit card security training

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