Instructions for Requesting Wire Transfers

Wire Initiators

Tuesday-Thursday – Deborah Breedlove (

Monday and Friday – Brian Reeves (

Terri Gardner is back-up for both (

Banking receives your request for a wire from AP Auditors  prior to 10:00 AM in order for it to be done that day.  If received after 10:00 AM it will be done the following business day.  All wire requests must go through the AP process prior to banking getting the documents.

Banking assigns a wire transfer number to each request and logs it in on the wire transfer log.  If you need to know the date a wire was done Banking can give you that information from their log.  They also check screen 168 to see what FAMIS account is paying on the document (this cannot be done when a document is in AggieBuy since a voucher has not been created yet) and the wire fee will be charged to that same account.  If there are multiple accounts they will charge the wire fee to the account paying the largest amount.

International Wires

If you are sending funds outside the United States this is considered an International wire.  Information needed to send this type of wire is Account number, Beneficiary name, Swift code and the IRC ( International Routing Code).  Additional information may be required from some countries, but that will be requested as needed.

Domestic Wires

A domestic wire is one where the funds a being wired inside the United States.  Information needed is Account number, Routing number and Beneficiary name.

Wire Fees

Domestic: $6.00
International (outside US): $15.00
Foreign bank drafts and money orders: $17.50

Money orders can go up to $999.99.  If more is needed you will have to get a bank draft.

Time Frame for Wires

  • US dollar domestic wire hits the vendor’s bank the same day.
  • US dollar international wire (to a foreign bank) takes up to 2 days.
  • Foreign currency wire has a 2 day waiting period in our bank.  It can take up to 5 or 6 days to actually get in the foreign bank account.