Vendor Add Request within Buy A&M

In Buy A&M there is a method to request a new vendor be added when creating a requisition.  Right now it is only showing on an RPA requisition type, but may soon be available on the other requisition types.  Below are the instructions on how to use the “Vendor Add Request” available within Buy A&M.

Once the requisition header is complete, navigate to the “Vendors” tab.  Then select “Lookup & Add Vendor”.


 Prior to requesting a new vendor, search for the vendor using the “Vendor Name” search box.  If the vendor does not exist, then the end user can select “Vendor Add Request".



 The vendor add request screen will now appear.  Complete the Vendor Name, Contact Name and Phone number fields at a minimum.  Then click “Send Add Vendor Request”.  This will send a notification to the Vendor Set Up Help desk and will create a ticket in the system that will be completed within 1 business day (normally same day, but at worst within one business day).


 So the vendor administrator can properly set up the vendor, please then go to the “Attachments” tab and click on “Add File”.  The end user will need to add the vendor set up documentation here.  This could be one or more of the following:  the Substitute W-9, IRS W-9, Direct Deposit Instructions, W-8 BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status or Vendor Information Sheet.  See Buy A&M Vendor Set Up Instructions for the appropriate vendor documentation to provide.


Click on “Browse”.  Then select the file and click on “Save & Exit”.  This will add the file to the requisition for the vendor administrator to use in properly setting up the vendor in Buy A&M.



Once the vendor is added and available to add to the requisition, the vendor administrator will notify the requisition creator.  The end user can then add the vendor to the requisition and can then be submitted for approval.

Email with any questions.