Buy A&M Quick Reference Guide for Vendor Setup

Minimum Vendor Information Needed

  •  Properly completed W9
  • Vendor email for order notifications (important it will be an email that will be monitored often but no less than daily so orders will be fulfilled timely)
  • Vendor ordering address
  • Vendor remit to address
  • Vendor contact name
  • Vendor contact phone number
  • Vendor contact email
  • If requested directly by department
    • Department contact name
    • Department contact phone number
    • Department contact email
    • Fund source (State or Local)
    • Direct deposit/ACH information (highly recommended)

How to Provide the Vendor Information

  • Substitute W-9 & Vendor Direct Deposit Form 
  • Standard IRS W-9
    • In the event the Standard IRS W-9 form is to be submitted, then complete the Vendor Information Sheet to provide the remaining required information (email for order notifications, vendor remit to address, contact name, phone number, email address, department contact information & direct deposit setup form or;
    • Request the vendor to complete the “Vendor Contact Information & Direct Deposit” section of the Substitute W9.


Where to Submit Vendor Set-Ups or Maintenance Requests

  • Email vendor setup forms to . (If you use this method please be sure to encrypt the W9 & send the password in a separate email).
  • Upload your documents from your desktop.  (This is an encrypted, secure, confidential web page, so you don’t have to worry about the information getting compromised.)  Just go to the Vendor Setup Document Upload Web Page
  • Fax to 979/458-4191
  • Need help?  Contact the vendor help desk via email


Or Request the Vendor to Self-Register


For the full set of vendor setup instructions, please visit the following link For the full set of vendor setup instructions, please visit the following link Vendor Setup Instruction-Buy A&M