UT System Program Summary

Daily Rates: U.S/Puerto Rico

Car Class

Daily Rate

Weekly Rate

Monthly Rate

Sub Compact $31.50  $173.25 $639.45
Compact $32.50 $178.75 $659.75
Intermediate $34.50 $189.75 $700.35
Standard $34.50 $189.75 $700.35
Full Size $36.75 $202.13  $746.03 
Premium $42.50 $233.75 $862.75
Luxury $88.50 $486.75 $1796.55
Minivan $49.00 $269.50  $994.70 
Cargo Van $57.00 $313.50 $1157.10
Full Size Van $96.50 $530.75 $1958.95
Midsize/Standard SUV $54.00 $297.00 $1096.20
Large SUV $88.50 $486.75 $1796.55
Premium SUV $93.50 $514.25 $1898.05
Small Truck $59.00 $324.50 $1197.70
Large Truck $64.00 $352.00 $1299.20


Commercial Truck Class

Daily Rate

Weekly Rate

Monthly Rate

**3/4 Ton Cargo $79.00 $474.00 $1501.00
**¾ Ton Truck $84.00 $504.00 $1596.00
1 Ton Truck $94.00 $564.00 $1786.00
12’-16’ Box Truck $90.00 $540.00 $1850.00
12’-16- Stake bed $90.00 $540.00 $1850.00
20’-26’ Box Truck $100.00 $600.00 $2200.00
20’-26’ Stake bed $100.00 $600.00 $2200.00
Standard Hybrid $42.50 $233.75 $862.75
Full Size Hybrid $44.75 $246.13 $908.43
Small SUV Hybrid $62.00 $341.00 $1258.60

EMERALD CLUB ENROLLMENT LINK: https://www.nationalcar.com/offer/UTS711?locale=en_US

Terms & Conditions: U.S/Puerto Rico

Mileage Charges: Vehicle classes include unlimited free miles; Cargo Van, Full Size Van, Small and Large Truck include 200 free miles per day, 1,200 free miles per week, and 3,000 free miles per month, as applicable. Any additional miles will be charged at the rate of $0.20/mile.

Commercial Truck Mileage Charges: Extended Cargo Van and ¾ Ton Truck include 150 free miles per day. Any additional miles will be charged at the rate of $0.19/mile. All other Commercial Truck mileage charges will be charged at the rate of $0.19/mile.

One-Way Rentals in Texas: When renting a one-way vehicle in Texas and returning to any Texas rental location, the contracted rates will apply. No per mileage or drop fee is charged.

One-Way Rentals outside of Texas: National Brand Rental Rate will be $69.00/day for Compact – Full Size; Premium and above will be the Daily Rate plus $0.20/mile. Enterprise Brand Rental Rate will be the Daily Rate plus $0.20/mile.

Youthful Driver Surcharge: National/Enterprise agrees to waive the youthful driver surcharge for Eligible Renters who are eighteen (18) to twenty-four (24) years old renting for Business Use pursuant to this Agreement.


Geographic Surcharges: U.S./Puerto Rico


Airport Locations

$5 Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, St Louis, State of New York (unless otherwise listed), State of Illinois (unless otherwise listed), Los Angeles area (excluding LAX)
$10 Aspen, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Colorado Springs, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Denver, Detroit, Hartford, LAX, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence, Washington DC/Dulles/Reagan, State of Alaska, San Francisco Area
$15 Chicago (including Midway and O’hare)
$25 Manhattan, New York City JFK, New York City La Guardia, Newark

Driver Protection Products: U.S/Puerto Rico

DW: Business rentals only-On all products and discounts the renter is not responsible for loss and/or damage to the rental vehicle.

Liability: Business rentals only-On all products and discounts primary liability limits shall be 100/300/50.

Miscellaneous Information: U.S./Puerto Rico

Additional Eligible Renter: Business associates on company business are eligible to rent vehicles under the contractual program.

GPS: $9.99/day (not a reimbursable expense)

Roadside Assistance Protection (RAP): This product is included in contracted rates (savings of up to $4 a day

*This Program Summary is not a legal document Refer to your Corporate Service Agreement for specifications


Benefits Summary


  • Ideal for the renter who wants a fast, frictionless rental process with counter bypass options at airport locations
  • Emerald Club – Loyalty Program allows renters to bypass the rental counter and select the car of their choice on the Emerald Aisle while only paying the midsize price. Renter can chose their own upgrade at no cost to the company
  • Number 1 rated loyalty program by Global Business Travel Association
  • Status match – National will status match all employees to equivalent level in Emerald Club Program so employees would not lose their earned status
  • Emerald Club renters will earn free rental day credits at no charge to the company
  • No hidden one-way fees for out of State one-way rentals - Flat one-way rate (see front page for details)


  • Hands on personalized service – provides renter with the security, knowledge and ease of the rental process. Enterprise employee will walk around the rental car with renter each time.
  • Avoidance of airport taxes and fees when utilizing local market locations
  • Emerald Club profile recognized at all locations earning travelers free rental day credits
  • Mileage reimbursement alternative
  • Free pick up from home or office  Airport and Home City rental locations for convenience
  • Long term rental solution

Enterprise - National

  • Ranked #1 (National) and #2 (Enterprise) in customer service by JD Powers
  • 100% compliance to rates, discounts, terms and conditions at all US locations
  • More cars in fleet than all car rental companies combined
  • More locations than all car rental companies combined
  • Worlds largest fleet of fuel efficient vehicles  24-hour roadside assistance
  • No Energy Recovery Fee – saves cost of $.47 - $1.50 a day
  • Lowest refueling cost in industry
  • No fees for driving under a certain mileage in a 24 hour period
  • No fees for additional drivers – includes co-workers and spouses with valid id’s
  • No fees for drivers age 18-24 when traveling on business
  • No blackout dates – rates and terms accepted 365 days of the year



Dedicated Help Line – Mon – Fri 7:30-5:30 512-912-5500

Personal Use

Enterprise and National have extended the rates of all vehicles for personal use. Only the rates are extended for personal use, no other contract provisions. No insurance coverage is included. If you need to book a personal rental you may contact travel@tamu.edu and request it.

*This Program Summary is not a legal document Refer to your Corporate Service Agreement for specifications