Purchase Audit Forms

  • AggieBuy Invoice Template – Disclaimer: This template invoice should only be used in the case of lease of space or rental of space in which the vendor will not provide a monthly invoice showing when the next payment is due.
  • Departmental Internal Order Form – Departments can use this form when placing orders to submit with the invoice for payment to meet the documentation requirements on state accounts or use similar documentation.
  • Purchase Voucher – Exception must be granted by Accounts Payable to use this form versus on line document.
  • Request for Tax Withholding on Non-Salary Compensation Items – Required when a TAMU employee is given anything of value in excess of $100 and cash or gift certificates for any amount, even if paying directly to the vendor.
  • Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification – Filled out by purchaser and given to vendor to claim exemption from Texas state sales tax.