DART Travel Card

DART Travel Card is intended to be issued to students or invited guests for the procurement of all travel related expenses.  The DART Travel Card may be issued to employees in certain circumstances. Contact the Payment Card Office for more information.

Applying for the DART Travel Card is as easy as reviewing the application and the DART Travel Card Checklist, signing and routing to the Department Head/Designee for final approval before submitting to FMO at paymentcard@tamu.edu. For Texas A&M University Galveston applications should be emailed to accounts payable at acctspay@tamug.edu .

Applications are processed within 48 hours of receipt.  Cards will be mailed to the departmental card administrator for distribution to the cardholders.  FMO/FMS will notify the departmental card administrator by email when the cards are mailed.

Cardholder Responsibilities

The cardholder is responsible for the security of the card at all times.

Departments may opt to maintain the cards in a central location to be distributed at time of travel.

At end of travel departments may require the card be returned to a central location.

Only business related travel expenses are allowed.  NO PERSONAL EXPENSES may be charged to the travel card.

Card Usage

The DART Travel card may be used for Airfare, Hotel, Car Rental, Restaurants, Parking and Incidental expenses.  When the DART Travel card is used by non-employees or is used for a working fund all receipts are required.


Economy fare only unless prior approval from Department Head or Dean.

Approval documentation must be attached to the expense report in Concur.

If purchases state contracted airfare it must be purchased on the DART Travel Card.

Car Rental

Texas A&M University System has contracted with the rental agencies listed below.  Rental should be made using these vendors whenever possible.  See the Cardholder’s Checklist for contract numbers.

Texas A&M University





Texas A&M University at Galveston





Texas A&M University System





Conference Registration

Conference registrations are allowed on both local and state funds. 

                NOTE:  Student travel is not allowed on state funds.


No personal charges, including phone, internet, and entertainment (games, movies, etc.).

When using State fund hotels must not exceed the GSA rate for the area you are traveling to.

When traveling in state you must submit a Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exempt Form upon checking into the hotel.

You should also present Texas State Sales and Use Tax Exemption Form when making other purchases at the hotel, such as business internet charges and parking.

Parking and Incidentals

An itemized receipt will be required if any one purchase is more than $75.00.  If a receipt is not available submit the Documentation In Lieu of Receipt or Invoice form.


Itemized receipts are required.

If travel is within the state of Texas a Texas State Sales and Use Tax Exemption Form is required to be submitted prior to ordering for Business Meals Only.  Individual meals purchased while in travel status are not exempt from Texas State Sales Tax.

Protect the card and card number at all times to prevent unauthorized use.

Immediately notify Citibank at 1(800)248-4533 or 1(800)790-7206 and the program coordinator at 979-458-5731 or paymentcard@tamu.edu if the card is lost or stolen.  For Texas A&M University Galveston notify Jackie Robbins Cherry at robbinsj@tamug.edu or Nicole Lenderman at nlenderman@tamu.edu.  If outside the US call Citibank collect at (904)954-7314.

To dispute charges when there is a discrepancy between what was charged to the card and the receipt, or when having problems with a vendor such as non-receipt of goods or services contact the Payment/Travel Card Office at paymentcard@tamu.edu or acctspay@tamug.edu to begin the dispute process on your behalf.

FRAUD - Charges considered fraudulent should be reported to Citibank immediately by calling the number on the back of the card.  Citibank will send an Affidavit of Unauthorized Use form by email to the cardholder.  If transactions actually post to the card the Affidavit must be returned to Citibank within 60 days of the statement date in which the transaction appears.