Airfare Card

Airfare Card – Is a travel card in the department’s name used to purchase employee only airfare and is made available to all the department’s employees in Concur.

NEVER use the Airfare Travel Card when combining personal travel and business travel.

The Airfare Travel card may be used for Employee Airfare Only

  • Economy fare only unless prior approval from Department Head or Dean.
  • State Funds – State Contracts may be utilized. However, travelers are still encouraged to use the most cost efficient method of travel.
  • For more information see Travel Services.

After the Purchase

  • Have the traveler turn in receipts and any other required documentation at the completion of each trip, or have them upload receipts to their Receipt Store in Concur.
  • Receipt requirements may be found using the State Checklist and/or Local Checklist.
  • Reconcile receipts obtained from traveler to the Expense Report in Concur and have the traveler submit the expense report within 30 days of last travel date or return date.

Protect the card and card number at all times to prevent unauthorized use.

Immediately notify Citibank at (800)248-4553 or (800)790-7206 and the program coordinator if the card is lost or stolen. If outside the US call collect to (904)954-7314. If stolen on campus also contact University Police at (979)845-2345.

Dispute fraudulent transactions within 60 days of the statement date in which the transaction appears.