Payments to Domestic Individuals - Fees

If paying a fee or reimbursing expenses without receipts the following forms/documentation are required:

  • Substitute W9 - if not already marked in FAMIS in the W-9 date field as received on screen 103
  • Signed Individual Reimbursement Form – if invoice is not provided
  • If individual is State of Texas Employee, State of Texas Employee Statement must be completed
  • If paying with a state account, must submit state documentation (contract, agreement letter, etc.)
  • Description of services provided. If a speech/presentation was given, the title, date, and audience of the speech/presentation must be documented.
  • Please note: Payment for services to an individual who is currently employed or who has been employed by the TAMU System within the last 12 months must be processed through Payroll, not Accounts Payable.