How to Process Refunds

How to process refunds:

  1. Verify vendor identification or contact FMO Vendor Setup
  2. Complete an Individual Reimbursement Form
  3. Attach a copy of the original detailed receipt showing the payment
    1. Cash receipt
    2. Credit Card Statement
    3. Cancelled check
  4. State in document notes why the refund is being issued
  5. Send to FMO Accounts Payable Individual Payments Mail Stop 6000 or FTP to the following workflow codes in the Imaging system:
    1. I – individuals non-employee
    2. E – employees
    3. F – Rush – employee payments should not be sent as rushes

Relevant Instructions and Forms:

Disbursement Manual

I.B.35. REFUNDS (ADDED 10/01/04): When we refund money to a vendor or an individual that they have previously paid to TAMU, the revenue code that was used when the original payment was deposited should be used as the object code for this refund. This is not considered a reimbursement. If you have questions, please contact an IR Auditor at