Employee Purchase Responsibilities

Read and understand the Disbursement Manual; all purchases must be within the rules stated in this guide.

Employee Responsibilities Prior to Purchase

  1. Determine if purchase is within the delegated limit of less than $5,000.00.
  2. Determine if a HUB vendor can be used by visiting Strategic Sourcing HUB Directory orCMBL (State of Texas website that allows searching by name, commodity code or city)
  3. Identify the vendor
    1. If vendor has a Master Order vendor with TAMU, verify that we receive contracted pricing.
    2. Do not allow the vendor to split the purchase to remain in the delegated limit. To do so would be a violation of State of Texas, TAMU System and TAMU Strategic Sourcing rules.
    3. Verify that the vendor is not on the State of Texas Vendor Hold List or the State of Texas Debarred Vendor List.
    4. Determine if the item is available from the Texas Industries for the Blind and Handicapped.
    5. Once vendor is identified, check or have business office verify that a W-9 is on file for the vendor by checking the W9 Date field on screen 103 in FAMIS.
  4. Obtain prior approval, if required by department
  5. Do not pay Texas Sales Tax! Present the Texas Sales Tax Exemption Form to the vendor prior to purchase, if purchase is within the State of Texas.

Employee Responsibilities after Purchase

  1. Turn in receipts/invoices and proof of payment (if not shown on invoice or receipt) to the bookkeeper within 30 days of purchase
    1. Documentation must include a detailed invoice or receipt and documentation of the receipt of the goods or services.
    2. Other documentation may be required, for example: if reimbursement will be made using a state account, state documentation must be provided; the business purpose and attendees must be documented for business meals; if gifts are purchased, the name of recipients must be provided; prior approval documentation (if required by department); etc. Please click here to see more details on documentation required to reimburse employees.