How to Process Prizes, Gifts and Awards for Students and Non-Employees

How to Process Prizes, Gifts and Awards for Students and Non-Employees:

  1. Verify vendor identification number or have the vendor set up in FAMIS.
  2. Complete all sections of the Individual Reimbursement form.
  3. State in doc notes why the prize or award is being presented to this student or non-employee. The object code for non-employee/student is 5241.
  4. If prize/gift/award is being given for work related duties see instructions for processing prizes/gifts/awards for employees.
  5. Determine if student is a U.S. citizen, legal permanent resident or a foreign national by checking the appropriate boxes on the Individual Reimbursement form.
  6. If student is a foreign national see instructions for processing prizes and awards for foreign students. Details are provided on Individual Reimbursement form.
  7. Include a W-9 for gifts/prizes/awards over $600 for all students who are citizens of the U.S. and legal permanent residents.

Consult the Disbursement Manual for additional guidelines.

Gifts for Non-TAMU Employees

Gifts less than $600.00 for students and non-TAMU employees require documentation stating the recipient’s name. For cash gifts less than $600.00, name, address and social security number or UIN (if available) will be required to process the payment in FAMIS. If the social security number is not available to process the direct cash payment in FAMIS, a temporary ID will be used.

A gift (including gift certificates) or cash in excess of $600.00 may be considered taxable income to the recipient and will require the recipient’s name, address and social security number. When setting up the document in FAMIS to pay for the gift the recipient will need to be the vendor and the vendor we are paying will need to be the reimburse/alternate vendor. To set the recipient up properly a W-9 will be required on the recipients receiving a gift of 600.00 or more. 1099s will be issued to those individuals. If you have questions please contact the IR Auditor at

Taxable gifts for students and non-employees may be purchased on the Payment Card and the required recipient information listed above must be entered in the reallocation software. Gifts and awards for students and non-TAMU employees are coded 5241. Do not use 6335.

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