Guidelines to FTP Imaged Invoices


Financial Management Operations-Accounts Payable can now accept files, containing imaged invoices, presented via FTP to an FMO server. These invoices must be scanned and saved by the document type, document number assigned by FAMIS and the invoice number that was entered when the invoice header was created. The files will be delivered via “secure” FTP using Hummingbird (See attached for instructions to set up Hummingbird FTP). The following requirements must be met before we can start receiving invoices electronically from your department.


  1. Image Quality must be 300 DPI
  2. PDF Format
  3. To begin presenting imaged invoices to FMO electronically, you will need to first fill out the network access request form in order to get access to the FMO server. Please deliver the completed original form, with proper signatures to FMO/Accounts Payable Attn: Leann McCall MS 6000.
  4. Once the completed form has been received our computing group will set up a Department Login ID and password. The department representative will then receive a phone call and will be given this log in information that our IT group has assigned to your department. These two items will need to be used to log on to the Hummingbird FTP File Server. If you need to add Hummingbird to a desktop, please see the attached instructions. This may require the assistance from the IT group within your department.
  5. Each invoice must be scanned separately according to the way the invoice was set up in FAMIS on Screen 341. Each invoice will need to be saved with its own file name that includes a letter for the type of payment, document number and invoice number (Example P-L123456-123456789). All invoices must still have the document number written on them along with the department received date. The naming convention:
    1. Will allow each invoice to be identified separately within the file transmission.
    2. Identifies the type of payment being made. See naming convention table below.
    3. The naming convention helps identify the routing path the payment must take to ensure efficiency in the payment process.
  6. All invoices submitted via the FTP process must be received by the FMO FTP server by 4:00 pm each day in order to be assigned the same day for the FMO Received Date.
  7. All rushes must be stamped RUSH and named according to the naming convention.
  8. There are 3 guidelines to follow after you have submitted invoices by FTP:
    1. Originals must be kept on file for 30 days – Data stored within departments must follow State, System and University policies for security of sensitive and confidential data
    2. Payments from Contracts and Grants accounts must be kept within department for one year.
    3. Certifications that need originals mailed with payment must be mailed to Accounts Payable after invoices have been submitted FTP.

Naming Conventions

The naming format must be used to ensure that the routing path of the payment is accurate. There can not be any spaces or slashes in the typed name it must be typed as listed below in the examples. The first character should always be the payment type (according to the listing below), the second character should always be a -, the third through ninth character will be the document number, the tenth character will always be a -, and then the next 14 characters represent the invoice. If the invoice number is longer than 14 digits use the last 14 digits of the invoice number as it was listed in FAMIS. The invoice number should be typed in just as it is on the invoice in both FAMIS and in this naming convention. It is ok if the invoice number is less than 14 characters.


T – Travel Employee Reimbursements Example T-E123456-E123456 Travel Employee Reimbursements, Business Meals
L- Travel Rushes Example: L-L123456-12345678901234 All travel rushes
D - Direct Bill Travel Example: D-A123456-12345678901234 CBA’s, Rental Car and Hotel Invoices for employee/prospective employee travel
B-CBA Compliance Review Example: B-CBFISC-080508 B-CB(4digit dept code)-(Statement date) For post audit review requests only

Payment Card

C – Payment Card   Supporting documentation for STATE funded transactions on Payment Card
CBA Card Example: C-STPXXXX -100506 (XXXX represents the department code) (Statement Date)
G - Payment Card Compliance Review Example: G-PC( 4digit dept code)-(Statement date)
G-PCFISC-080508 2
For Post Audit Review requests only

Individual Payments

I - Individual Payment Example: I-A123456-12345678901234 Scholarships, Payments to Individuals, Tuition payments, Tax Issues, Foreign vendors, Payments to Lecturers/speakers, Prize/Awards, Research Subjects, Student Travel, Payments for Services to Foreign Individuals, Visa processing fees
F - Individual Payment Rushes Only Example: F-A123456-12345678901234  
E - Employee Reimbursement Example: E-A123456-12345678901234 Reimbursement to employees for the purchase of goods or services


P – Purchases Exceeds $1000.00 Example:P-A123456-12345678901234 Purchase of goods, services, registrations, Invoices paying with state funds
Q - Purchases Under $1000.00 Example: Q-A123456-12345678901234 Purchase of goods, services, registrations, refunds to vendors
R – Rush Example: R-A123456-12345678901234 All purchase rushes
K – Credits Example: K-A123456-1234567890 All Credit invoices