Invoice Preparation for FMS

Document Preparation

  1. The document number must be written clearly on each invoice submitted for payment.
  2. No Paperclips. Paperclips can catch other unrelated documents, which could prevent an invoice form being paid.
  3. Please use one staple in the top left-hand corner for each separate L, E or P document submitted for payment. This prevents your documentation for this payment from being separated.
  4. Use a standard black or blue pen when writing on invoices or receipts. Do not use gel pens or colored markers. Please be careful not to mark through any wording/information on invoice.
  5. Do not highlight information on invoices always circle it.
  6. Do not use dark colored sticky notes and do not cover up any information on the invoice.
  7. Please do not date stamp on the back of any paperwork.
  8. When making multiple payments on one invoice (example Bank One CBA invoices), a copy must be included for each separate payment.
  9. For "IR" (Individual Reimbursements), the "IR" coversheet must be attached to the front of the payment documentation for all individual payments or reimbursements.
  10. If an "Enclosure" is required, please stamp the invoice and FMO will make the enclosure copy. Do not send a copied invoice or it could create a duplicate payment.
  11. Receipts or invoices smaller than half of a normal sheet of paper 8 ½ X 11. See attachment “Preparing Loose Receipts for Processing”.
    1. Secure to 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper. Must be white.
    2. If using white recycled paper, please X out the reverse side information that does not need to be imaged.
    3. Tape must be used to secure the receipt, tape across the top and bottom of receipt.
    4. Do not tape over totals/figures or business names (In a few days time, the ink disappears from the receipts and we can not read the amounts).
    5. Do not write on the back of receipts. If two sided make a copy and attach.
    6. For long receipts, like grocery receipts, the receipt may need to be cut to fit length wise on an 8 ½ X 11. Multiple pages can be used. Do not fold and tape.
    7. Do not overlap receipts or messages.
    8. Please do not write over receipts or invoice totals. The information will need to be written beside the receipt on the white paper. You must initial beside any amounts that is written in on the receipts.
    9. Do not use highlighters on the invoices. Highlighted items will not show up in imaging when it is scanned in to the system. Just circle the information instead of highlighting.
    10. When circling information do not cross through any information on the receipt.

Sending documentation in response to PIPS or information requested to process payment

  1. Must have original document number.
  2. Must be identified as additional documentation. For example it should state “Additional Documentation for L105106”. If this is not done it will get put in our normal payment process.