Purchasing Document Help

Title Description Revision Date
Departmental Guide to Document Boxes Everyone who has a FAMIS in-box should print this guide! It is a summary what to do with documents when they appear in your in-box. 10/2000
Finding Lost Document Numbers Have you ever created a document and forgot to write down the document number? 11/2000
Helpful Screens for Purchasing Information This is a listing of helpful screens for finding purchasing, vendor and accounts payable information.  
Purchasing Document Inquiry Tips Manual This manual explains electronic purchasing processes and discusses how to research the status of purchasing documents. 3/2000
Object Codes Download the numerical list on Screen 806 using Entire Connection.  
Exempt Object Codes View exempt object codes on Screen 306 or print list. 1/2002
Recalling Purchasing Documents This explains the process for recalling purchasing documents for corrections.  
Status Code Reference Guide Print this off if you inquire on the status of purchasing documents. This guide lists all statuses associated with purchasing documents and their descriptions. 10/2002
Purchase Document Tracking Tips This will explain how to see if Purchasing Services has transferred a requisition to a bid or a purchase order. 1/2000