Examples of FAMIS Uses

Examples of FAMIS uses

The following modules are available in FAMIS. A module is simply a set of related screens.

  • Financial Record System (FRS)
  • Fixed Assets (FFX)
  • Sponsored Research (SPR)
  • Annual Financial Reporting (AFR)

Financial Record System (FRS)

The most commonly used module is the Financial Record System (FRS). Within FRS are the following modules:

Financial Accounting Module
Departmental and/or Financial Management Operations staff may enter and view budgets, revenues, expenses, and journal entries. FAMIS makes it easy to inquire on account balances, monthly statements, and all transactions that have been posted to a department's account number.
Accounts Payable Module
FAMIS includes payment inquiry screens which allow you to tell vendors the status of payments for items that your department has purchased.
Accounts Receivable Module
Use this module if the department either charges or pays entities that are not part of Texas A&M University. These screens offer inquiry for transactions relating to billing and payment for goods or services rendered. For example, the Copy Center uses the accounts receivable screens to view charges for printing and copying for other System parts (i.e. Texas Agricultural Experiment Station).
Purchasing Module
The purchasing module allows departments to electronically create purchasing documents and to electronically route them to the appropriate people for approval. There are numerous purchasing inquiry screens to help you track the status of your purchases from the initial order and receipt, all the way to the payment.
Payroll Module
The payroll inquiry screens show information relating to payroll expense distribution. Many colleges limit payroll inquiry access.
Budget Preparation Module
Departments and Financial Management Operations utilize budget entry and inquiry screens to prepare the annual budget that TAMU submits to the board of regents.

Fixed Asset Module - FFX

The Fixed Asset (FFX) module meets all inventory needs. This module is especially handy for property managers who need to research inventory information.

Sponsored Research - SPR

The Sponsored Research (SPR) module meets grant and proposal needs. Only Contract Administration and Financial Management Operations receive access to SPR.

Annual Financial Reporting - AFR

The Annual Financial Reporting (AFR) module meets state reporting needs. Only Financial Management Services receives access to AFR.