Examples of CANOPY Uses

Examples of CANOPY uses

CANOPY is the web based portal of FAMIS. It takes the data in FAMIS and presents it in a clear, familiar Windows based format.  Many of the same inquiry features available in FAMIS are also available in CANOPY.

EPA – Employee Personnel Action module is only available in CANOPY. This module allows departments to process hiring, transfer, promotion and personnel changes. EPA serves as a bridge between the Payroll system and the accounting system allowing payroll processing for the TAMU system.

FRS Inquiry and FFX Inquiry are also available in Canopy.

Perhaps the most popular module in CANOPY is the document routing module.  CANOPY takes approximate 5 screens of data and allows department approvers or signers easy access to review and approve payment documents from anywhere in the world.  Additionally, canopy provides users with an e-mail notification system for your document in-box.  Canopy will automatically e-mail you when documents arrive at your inbox for your information, review or approval.