How to Get Access to FAMIS

How do I get access to FAMIS?

  1. Have your Departmental Contact Person complete the FD-805 Financial Systems Access Request and send it to FAMIS Security at mail stop 6000. You may or may not be assigned a mentor.
  2. If you will enter, approve or sign purchase documents, have your FAMIS Office Manager add you to your department's routing path.
  3. Once FAMIS Security receives the form, they will establish your access and contact you with your user identification number and password.
  4. You will be required to take the Introduction to FAMIS course (web-based or instructor led) by a deadline set by FAMIS Security.
  5. Once you complete the Introduction to FAMIS course, FAMIS Security will contact you. To avoid losing any entry access, you must attend your required training by a deadline set by FAMIS Security.

Training Deadline

The training that you will be required to attend is determined by what you request on your FD-805 Financial Systems Access Request. See Training for the types of mandatory and optional training that is available. If you have a mentor, then you will receive a deadline (normally two months) to complete all training before FAMIS Security will deny any entry access.

After you complete the Introduction to FAMIS course, FAMIS Security will contact you. At that time, they will advise you of your required training and give you a deadline.

Very Important Message:

If you do not complete all required training by your deadline, then FAMIS Security will deny your entry access for any courses that you missed until you attend. However, they will not deny your inquiry access. If you do not attend Disbursement Training by your deadline, then they will deny ALL entering, approving, and signing access until you attend disbursement training.

You may request your final deadline by contacting Access and Security at (979) 458-5555 or by emailing