Financial Accounting Help

Title Description Revision Date
Account Summary - TAMU This summary includes information such as formulas for calculating beginning balance, year-end balances, and revenue accounts. This summary needs to be printed on legal sized paper. 5/2003
Account Balances How to look up an account balance for subsidiary ledger, general ledger, support account and an account with a negative balance. 11/2000
Transaction Reference This guide includes transaction codes, reference codes, and batch reference codes to help determine what happened to a particular transaction. 6/2004
Helpful Screens for Finding FA Information This is a listing of screens that can assist in finding accounting information (e.g. balances, and transactions). 11/2000
Budget and Actuals Have you ever wondered why all of your budget does not roll forward at year end? This handout explains the difference between budgets and actuals. 1995
Financial Accounting User's Manual User Manual from TAMU System FAMIS Services