Top 10 Questions

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clear out the unwanted items from my In-Box (Screen 910)?

We know that your In-Box can become quite crowded. However, it is not necessary to keep copies of every document that you receive. You may remove all "notification" copies after you have read them. For example, if you are a creator you will receive a final notification copy of a requisition when it has finished the routing and approval process. It will not take long before your in-box becomes full if you do not regularly remove "finished" documents.

It is up to you to manage the documents in your In-Box. Type 'F' (for final), or type 'R' (for rejected) documents may be DELETED from your In-Box. NOTE: Only delete 'R' (rejected) documents when you do not intend to correct and reroute them.

To DELETE these items:

  1. Type an 'X' next to all of the documents you want to delete.
  2. Press PF8 to select the documents and to advance to the Routing Document Information pop-up window.
  3. TAB to the Action: field and type DEL to remove the first document. If you are deleting more than one document, press PF5 to advance to the next document to be deleted and repeat the process.

Documents that have been sent to you FYI (for your information), may be DISCARDED from your In-Box. Typically, these will be type 'N' (for notification) or type 'I' (for information).

To DISCARD documents:

  1. Type an 'X' next to all documents you would like to DISCARD.
  2. Press PF6 to remove the documents.
When logging on FAMIS, I got a message that says my "UserID has been modified since last access".

When you do not log off properly, this message may appear when attempting to log back onto FAMIS. (For example: You were kicked off of the network just before the end of the day and you decided to wait until the next day to log back on to FAMIS.) To remedy the situation, type LOGOFF over the message (you will have to space over some of the message in order to clear it all) and press ENTER. This will return you to the TPX menu. Press the PF key (usually PF2) to access FAMIS.

If you continue to have problems logging onto FAMIS, call FAMIS Security at  (979) 458-5555.

How much money is in my account?

The first step is to determine what type of account you need to view:

  1. How many digits are in the account number? If the account number has 11 digits, it is a SUPPORT ACCOUNT. You should use Screen 69 to view your account balance. If the account number has 6 digits, it is either a GENERAL LEDGER (GL) account or a SUBSIDIARY LEDGER (SL) account.
  2. If your 6-digit account begins with a zero (0), it is a GL account and you should use Screen 18.
  3. If the 6-digit account begins with any number OTHER THAN zero, it is an SL account and you should use Screen 19 to obtain the account balances.
Why does the system say my UserID has EXPIRED!

There are several reasons your UserID may have expired. However, most (if not all) of these reasons are related to how the security was set up for your account. For example, your UserID could be set to "expire" if you do not complete certain training classes before an appointed time.

The deadline is set by the FAMIS Security Administrator of your FAMIS/Canopy account. If you work for Texas A&M University - College Station or Galveston or Texas A&M System Offices then contact FAMIS Security at (979) 458-5555. If your UserID has expired, they will help get you back on-line.

I'm on a screen that says ERR SYSTEM ERROR SCREEN, and the error (in the top left hand corner of my screen) reads "Program Version Error."

FAMIS screens are in a constant state of revision. This "fluid" nature of FAMIS is due, in part, to the changing needs of the universities and agencies making up the Texas A&M University System. We try to make sure that most of our changes are processed at times when you, the users, will not be accessing the screen(s). However, this is not always possible. When we are forced to make a change to a program while you are using one of the screens involved, you will see this error screen.

This error means that FAMIS Services HAS made changes while you were using a screen involved with the changed program. Take note of any differences or changes to the screen you were using after receiving the error message. When you get this error, please call (979) 458-6464.

I entered my password incorrectly and now a message on the screen says my UserID has been SUSPENDED or REVOKED.

This feature was created for your own security. When the system detects that someone tried unsuccessfully to get into your account (after more than 7 attempts in a 24-hour period), the program assumes that someone is trying to break into your account, and shuts it down to prevent further tampering.

If you get this error when you first try to logon to FAMIS, you should call FAMIS Security at (979) 458-5555 so they can reset your password.

I need to do receiving for my order, but FAMIS won't let me add a shipment.

Before your purchase order can be paid you must fill out the "receiving report." If you work in the Purchasing Services Central Receiving Office, then you should use Screen 320 to enter this information. If you work in any other department on campus, you should use Screen 321. In order to begin a receiving report or to add another shipment, you should:

  1. Go to Screen 320/321, type in the PO number in the Doc: field and press ENTER.
  2. TAB to the field that says Shipment: _ of _, space over the number that is in the first blank and press ENTER.
  3. TAB to the Add Shipment: field, type 'Y' and press ENTER.
  4. Press ENTER again to advance to the next required field.
Why was I kicked off of FAMIS? Why is my screen locked?

There are many reasons the screen may lock, or that may cause you to be kicked off of the system. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get your system back up and running, or at least allow you to exit the system. If this happens, ask yourself one of these questions:

  • Do I want to get back on the system today?
  • Do I just want to close things down and try again tomorrow?

To start over and get back on the system:

  1. Go back to the ATM screen. Hopefully, you can close your session and start over. If not, you may have to completely power down your computer. Once you are at the ATM screen, type TPX and press ENTER.
  2. Enter your UserID and password and press ENTER.
  3. The next screen will tell you the last time you successfully logged onto the system. Press ENTER to advance to the NVi/TPX menu.
  4. At the TPX menu, you may notice that one of the PF keys listed (usually FAMIS) is a different color. Before pressing the PF2 key (FAMIS), you must first inactivate all processes that may have caused your session to lock up or caused you to be kicked off the system. To do this, type I ALL at the bottom of the screen at the COMMAND==> prompt and press ENTER.
  5. Finally, press the PF key to access the desired FAMIS module (usually PF2).

If the above steps don't work, or if you have decided that you want to shut down and go home, call the Network Availability Center (NAC) at (979) 845-4219 and ask them to MANUALLY LOG YOU OFF OF FAMIS. To do this, they will need your UserID (not your password). You should also let them know if you were in FAMIS production or FAMIS training.

FAMIS says my document is closed and won't allow me to make changes!

Closing a document has many purposes. When you close a document, the funds you have requested are encumbered. This is usually the first step in the Routing and Approval process and it prevents anyone from making changes to your document. Follow these steps to make the necessary changes to a closed document:

  • To reopen a LIMITED PURCHASE ORDER, use Screen 243.
  • To reopen an EXEMPT PURCHASE ORDER, use Screen 238.
  • To reopen a REQUISITION, use Screen 258.
  • To reopen a PURCHASE ORDER, use Screen 228.
  • To reopen a MASTER ORDER, use Screen 268.
  • To reopen a BID DOCUMENT, use Screen 418.

After advancing to the proper screen, change the Reopen Document flag to 'Y' and press ENTER.


A partially blank screen with this message means you are having problems logging onto FAMIS. You may also receive this message if you spelled FAMI wrong after typing your UserID and password.

To correct the transaction:

  1. Press the TAB key to position the cursor in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Type LOGOFF and press ENTER. (NOTE: Part of the word will scroll around to the top left hand corner of your screen.) This should return you to the NVi/TPX menu, where you can start over.