FAMIS Office Manager

FAMIS E-Office Manager

Who is my FAMIS E-Office Manager?
If you need to know who your FAMIS E-Office Manager is, then contact Financial Training and Security at 979-458-5555.
What are the FAMIS E-Office Manager's Responsibilities?

FAMIS contains a purchasing module which allows for on-line routing and approvals of purchasing documents. Electronic routing and approvals contains three routing desks: creator, approver, and signer. Instead of signing a paper document, FAMIS electronically sends documents to people in the routing path. When the people in the path log on to FAMIS, they will have documents in their "in-box" in which to take action (i.e. sign).

Each department which processes documents in FAMIS must have a routing and approval path set up for their department; otherwise, FAMIS would not know who to send documents to after they are created. Creation of the routing path is done in each department by someone called a FAMIS Office Manager and Office Manager Delegate. The Office Manager and Delegate actually place "people" on each electronic desk. When new users are added to FAMIS, it is very important that the FAMIS Contact Person notify the Office Manager or Delegate to add the person to either the creator, approver or signer desk. Likewise, it is crucial that the FAMIS Contact let the Office Manager or Delegate know when someone is terminating so that they may take the terminating person out of the path.

The ZBAR871 Report lists all of the routing paths and individuals in the paths for an electronic office. Office Managers and Delegates may request the report by e-mailing Financial Training and Security (Accesshelp@tamu.edu) with the following information:

  • Your name, department, and mail stop
  • Your TAMUS campus part
  • The first electronic office name to include on your report
  • The last electronic office name to include on your report