Vendor Setup Instructions - Concur

Domestic Vendors

  • W9 is required for most new domestic vendor types, see below:
    • Individual Payment/Reimbursement
    •  Sole Proprietor
  • Vendor Information Sheet (no W9 required) is needed for the vendor types below:
    • Employee (UIN required)
    • Student (UIN required)
    • Prospective Employee (UIN/SSN if available)
    • Prospective Student (UIN/SSN if available)
    • Refund
  • If you do not have a UIN or a SSN, indicates in the note section on the Vendor Information Sheet that you are just paying for a refund or prospective travel.
  • If the W9 is not clear, please fill out a Vendor Information Sheet and send over with the W9, or ask the vendor to resubmit a legible copy.
  • The link provided is a link to our Substitute Form W9 & Direct Deposit Form; however, the official IRS W-9 form can also be used by the vendor and will not be rejected by our office.
  • Vendor Setup Document Upload Instructions– You can now load your documents form your desktop instead of email or fax.  This is an encrypted, secure, confidential web page, so you don’t have to worry about the information being compromised.  Just go to the Vendor Setup Document Upload Web Page.

For International Vendors (Foreign)


  • Certificate of Foreign Status Form – Any vendor performing services outside the U.S. – Can be used for Merchandise/Tangible products that are not taxable; books, chemicals etc.
  • W8-BEN – Foreign individuals performing services in the U.S. – Royalty payments, Software downloads, Maintenance & Repairs etc. - (W8-BEN Instructions)
  • International Visitor Request Form – Form is required for any international visitor coming to visit, guest lecture, collaborate, etc. at Texas A&M University. If this form is completed, it is not necessary to complete the Certificate of Foreign Status Form. This form will not be required if the individual is not coming into the United States to visit Texas A&M University. If the vendor is being paid a fee, it will still be required that the visitor go through GLACIER to provide the required tax forms required by the IRS.
  •  Submit all vendor documentation to or fax to (979) 458-4191 or Vendor Setup Document Upload Page.